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Looking for a quick and easy way to un-wind? D-Stress (Chill) Mushroom Gummies are your answer! These tasty, dragon fruit-flavored  gummies contain a synergistic blend of  Organic Reishi and Lion's Mane, along with L-Theanine and Saffron Extract. Give your body the calming balance it needs with these relaxing gummies. Each gummy contains 400mg of our total mushroom blend.

  •         Certified Organic  Lion's Mane and Reishi Mushrooms
  •         Ultrasonic extraction used for bioavailability enhancement 
  •         Guaranteed >70% Beta 1,3/1,6 D-Glucans 
  •         No added starch, yeast, or grains of any kind
  •         Grown and Made in USA
  •         Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Vegan
  •         30 Gummies

D-Stress Mushroom Gummies


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